FAQ | 情報 2018

Frequently Asked Questions For VISUALIZE 2018

Q: Is there a priority queue for Type A/B/C ticket holders?

A: No, The live show is free standing and there will only be 1 entrance queue.

Q: I purchased my tickets via Pre-ordering from one of the performing bands (Paid S$12), Do I still get the lanyard?

A: Yes! S$12 tickets are Type-D Tickets, Pre-order price is at S$12. The price at the door on the 14th Oct 2018 would be S$14.

Q: Can I purchase the individual CDs or Merchandise on its own since I pre-ordered my tickets?

A: Yes, You can! As a perk for Pre-order ticket holders, you can purchase the Visualize 2017 Compilation CD at S$10 instead of S$12.

Q: Where are the nearest ATMs?

A: There are UOB and DBS ATMs at Tai Seng MRT Station (CC11).

The nearest OCBC ATMs is at NTUC Fair-Price at Mapletree building, opposite Tai Seng MRT Station (18 Tai Seng St)

Q: What time does the doors open / show starts?

A: Doors are scheduled to open at 3:00pm. The show will start at approximately 4:00pm.

Q: What if my friend can’t make it to the show?

A: Tickets purchased are non-refundable, we will grant entry to the person who holds the physical ticket.



5 Pereira Road, #01-02, Singapore Singapore 368025

Nearby Tai Seng MRT STATION (CC11)

Nearby Bus Stop No.70291 Asiawide Ind Bldg

Bus Service Numbers

22, 24, 28, 43, 58, 62, 70, 70M, 76, 80, 93, 158.