Our Mission For Featured Artist

Featuring bands / artists from Singapore & Asia, Visualize aims to provide a meaningful platform for up & coming bands to showcase their latest music & creative works to the world.

Whether it’s a Single, EP or an Album release. Featured artists will perform & market their works at this special annual event here in Singapore!

In an age where fame is manufactured & the lines between art & entertainment is blurred in mainstream music, we aim to elevate & empower independent bands & artist to get their music out & be heard by a diverse audience through meaningful promotion & live stage production.

Visualize Your Potential ! Value Your Art!

The Road To Visualize

A month long creative campaign & promotion for featured performing artist at this year’s show! Get to know the bands & what they’re about through our series of entertaining videos, interviews & more all leading up to the main event!

Featured Artist / Band Selection & Invitation

We believe in promoting hardworking, productive artist who has a steady record of live performances & original music production. They possess stability & vision for themselves as a band & as individuals. These are the hard-working group of people we want to promote at Visualize music festival! Below are the criteria for band selection & invitation to Visualize! 

1.Bands must have minimum 2 years live performance experience.

2. Must have original music already on sale via physical or digital medium.

3. Able to effectively market their band & music via traditional or new media