スーパーステージNXT Presents

『V I S U A L I Z E 2018』

14th October 2018 (SUNDAY)

OPEN : 15:00hrs START :16:00hrs


5 Pereira Road, #01-02, Singapore Singapore 368025

Nearby Tai Seng MRT STATION (CC11)



AVAILABLE FROM 1st Sep 2017 Till 13th Oct 2018

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SUPER-STAGE NXT Official Facebook

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Welcome Year 3 Visualize! Yes! The Underground Hantu (Ghost) Music Event “Of The Year” is back for the 3rd Year In A Row & We’ve lined-up a special selection of featured artist that will sure to electrify & entertain you this fall! Come join us on the 14th October 2018 (Sunday) at Visualize’s new home, EBX LIVE SPACE (EBENEX) for a day of fun & rock music with some of the most aspiring independent musicians / bands our Lion City Underground has to offer. From returning favorites of the Visualize Alumni, to up & coming young bloods. We’ve invited 6 featured indies bands that will inspire & rock you with their original works! Nu-Metal, Punk, Pop-rock, & everything in between. We’ve got tunes for you to dance & mosh to baby! It's the 3rd Visualize event! You should know the drill by now. Tighten those laces on your dancing shoes. Put on your Halloween costume & let's have a good time together at Visualize 2018!

What Is Visualize 2018

Visualize is an independent Underground & Visual Kei (V系) music event promotion presented by SUPER-STAGE NXT. It is dubbed “The Underground Visual Kei Music Event Of The Year” in 2017.

As there are no featured Visual Kei (V系) bands performing at this year’s event. The tagline for 2018 is changed to “The Underground Hantu (Ghost) Music Event Of the Year”

Although Visualize is primarily a light-hearted mix genre heavy-metal event. The word “Hantu” which literally means “ghost” in Malay, eludes the overall show’s concept leaning towards the supernatural & the occult themes presented in comedic fashion.

Our Mission For Featured Artist

Featuring bands / artists from Singapore & Asia, Visualize aims to provide a meaningful platform for up & coming bands to showcase their latest music & creative works to the world.

Whether it’s a Single, EP or an Album release. Featured artists will perform & market their works at this special annual event here in Singapore!

In an age where fame is manufactured & the lines between art & entertainment is blurred in mainstream music, we aim to elevate & empower independent bands & artist to get their music out & be heard by a diverse audience through meaningful promotion & live stage production.

Visualize Your Potential ! Your Journey Starts Here!

The Road To Visualize

A month long creative campaign & promotion for featured performing artist at this year’s show! Get to know the bands & what they’re about through our series of entertaining videos, interviews & more all leading up to the main event on October the 14th 2018!

Featured Artist / Band Selection & Invitation

We believe in promoting hardworking, productive artist who has a steady record of live performances & original music production. They possess stability & vision for themselves as a band & as individuals. These are the hard-working group of people we want to promote at Visualize 2018! Below are the criteria for band selection & invitation to Visualize 2018.

1.Bands must have minimum 2 years live performance experience.

2. Must have original music already on sale via physical or digital medium.

3. Able to effectively market their band & music via traditional or new media